We cannot barely see. After some minutes a landscape is uncovered, an abandoned scene. Unfinished figures of the locution Ok scatter around the space, covered in resin, dirt and in between bits and pieces of material. Dust fills the space.

The origin of the locution okay hasn't been recognised or remembered. However, linguistics argue that the term might belong to the family of Western African languages such as Wolof, Bantu and Mande.

`Okay´ is identify as the Wolof waaw-kay, meaning `yes´,  it has been proved but not offitially recognised, the influence and importance of the Wolof language among the thousand of Africans condemn by slavery in North America over centuries. These languages able most of Africans individuals to communicate without being understood by their oppressors.
These languages might have resemble the ultimate form of trust in the possibility of freedom and independence. Along 1800 the locution was appropriated and absorbed in by the US army and employed to denote O Kills O Killers in front line of the battlefield before becoming the most popular and fashionable Americanism to denote a state of happiness or closing agreements.
Anonymise, aims to lead us to a space for reflection and inner change.
Three sheets of polystyrene
polystyrene, dirt, red paint. 50m2, PS1 Sculpture Building Royal College of Art, London 2014 The installation is formed by three found sheets of foam that rotate 360 degrees, at different speeds and direction in the room
This document is part of a video clip found via a media channel on the internet. The footage shows how cinema screens were built in the streets of the city of Mosul Iraq to encourage Iraqi citizens to gather and watch oppressive propaganda. Film dated in February 2015. Duration 2’38’’ Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Royal College of Art, London 2015
Digital composition  Short Cut online exhibitions, Fundació Suñol Barcelona 2020 - 21
Iron peak, battery, fluorescent tube, 67cmx1,60mx55cm 2008
Audio installation I - II 00:20:00. Stereo Ciudad Real, Castilla La-Mancha, Spain. April, 2018 - ongoing
Bleed Hole
digital work variable dimensions photographic documents 2/5 series of video animations 2/10 2017
Super HD, 00:20:04 Stereo Yamakiwa Gallery. Toukamachi-shi, Niigata, Japan 2018
100L. water and sweat, light installation Polivalente space, Hangar.org Barcelona 2017
Valle de Alcudia Castilla La Mancha, Spain 2016 - 21
Performance and documentary film 08'37'' Participants: Actor and professional fighter Stuart Booth & Seyit Bozdag Duration of the performance: 02:00:00 {Rehearsal 01:56:00 - Show 00:04:00} Court Room, QHS Wellington (Victoria Embankment, London) 08 - 2015
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