The films recreate the formation of a light effect that arose unpredictably on the surface of an airplane window during a flight at 8,000 - 12,000 kilometers above sea level and at an average speed of 724 km, with an average outside temperature of - 54 degrees. 
The work presents an unforeseen effect, not linked to human production, adressing the encounter with unexpected images that do not reveal their mechanism, the reasons that make them occur. The ephemeral nature of the light effect, the impossibility to preserved it or fully visually captured it suggests a mental space devoid of practical justifications and purposes. At the work the recreation, serialization and insistent reproducction of the light emphasises the value of preserving the anonymous, the unthinkable and imperceptible. Echoing the desire of leaving the material world behind the light effect personifies the notion of an infinite liveless cosmic organism, devoid of origin.
Bleed Hole, teaser 01
Bleed Hole, teaser 03

Exhibited: @Residence, Res Artis Project Space
Melbourne, Australia.
2 March to 1 April 2017

Artsit: Cytter (US), Mónica Ferreras De la Maza (DR), Mayer\Leyva (Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer) (US), Emanuel Röhss (SWE), Julia Varela (SP/ARG). Curator: Jeremy Gales (AU).
'Cortright selected an early green screen video that explores elements of the human condition within the digital sphere. Keeping with the post-net trajectory, Miami artist and writer duo Mayer\Leyva introduce questions of viewership and autonomy. Varela’s selection both harnesses and grapples with the temporal constraints and ephemeral properties of the moving image faced when working from an aircraft. Cytter’s anti-natural and theatre-styled Object screens a multiplicity of themes that range from love and entropy to wicked games. Röhss’s video is an extension of his ongoing Ennis House project, while Ferreras De la Maza employs a time based work which retrospectively and insightfully views a diary kept on residence in Shanghai'.
Installation serie I Variable dimensions Pulverised plasma TV Screens series 2017 - 2021
This document is part of a video clip found via a media channel on the internet. The footage shows how cinema screens were built in the streets of the city of Mosul Iraq to encourage Iraqi citizens to gather and watch oppressive propaganda. Film dated in February 2015. Duration 2’38’’ Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Royal College of Art, London 2015
(Compulsió) Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona July - September, 2021
por lo que no se vive
01'26'' Valle de Alcudia Castilla La Mancha, Spain 2016 - 21
2021 - 2022
Audio installation I - II 00:20:00. Stereo Ciudad Real, Castilla La-Mancha, Spain. April, 2018 - ongoing
Three sheets of polystyrene
polystyrene, dirt, red paint. 50m2, PS1 Sculpture Building Royal College of Art, London 2014 The installation is formed by three found sheets of foam that rotate 360 degrees, at different speeds and direction in the room
Field trip in search of bones Valley of Alcudia, Ciudad Real. Castilla-La Mancha, Spain 2016
Es war Erde in ihnen
series of prints, plastic surface. 58x38cmx4mm Edition of 100 2019 - 2021 Exhibited: Restless image, unresolved gaze. Belgrade Cultural Centre BCC, Belgrade, Serbia 2020 Compulsió, Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona 2021
series I folded Tv plasma screens, 2015 Royal College of Art, London UK developed thanks to 2015 CAC Special Projects Award. The Trustees of Chelsea Arts Club Trust, London, GB.
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