Folded Plasma TV Screens is a series that has been formed from various research paths. One of them analyzes the means of production, reception and distribution of images in the contemporary sphere. The series arose from an investigation around the symbolic violence that is exerted on the witnesses of a conflict through the media. Notions such as ‘phantom subjectivity’ and the concept of operational image developed by the filmmaker Harun Farocki were key to the development of the work. The series addresses the inherent toxicity in the materials used for the production of media. The work implies perpetuating the gesture of altering the habitual routes of circulation of waste, displacing the complicit materials of the polluting economy of electronic waste, granting them another destination.

The video installation Mehr Fantasie raises critical questions about electronic waste and its impact on the environment. Electronic waste such as plasma screens, virtual lenses of reality have been transformed, amplified and reproduced in another physical matter, in ash. In the film the ashes are part of the body of a series of creatures.

Es war Erde in ihnen is a series of suspended ‘traces’ that, based on a poem by Paul Celan, addresses the images of memory, those that are permanently reinterpreted.
Lightduress is a glass relief that fixates the image of a darkened warehouse space in Shanghái, where products are finished and wrapped. 
Series of unfinished OKAY shapes made of white polystyrene foam covered by cristal clear resin along with dust and waste. The forms are positioned in a dark room and accompanied by a sound piece, 2015.
Digital composition, duration 3'31''. Short Cut online exhibitions, Fundació Suñol Barcelona 2020 - 21
2021 - 2022
series I Pinsent Masons LLP London, UK Curated by InSitu, an independent art consultancy founded by Maggie O'Regan
vitrine, serie II pulverize plasma TV screens, size varies, sample detail 26 kilos Exhibition Tangible Remains Hidden Matters, Gallery DECAD, Berlin 2018
Performance and documentary film 08'37'' Participants: Actor and professional fighter Stuart Booth & Seyit Bozdag Duration of the performance: 02:00:00 {Rehearsal 01:56:00 - Show 00:04:00} Court Room, QHS Wellington (Victoria Embankment, London) 08 - 2015
This document is part of a video clip found via a media channel on the internet. The footage shows how cinema screens were built in the streets of the city of Mosul Iraq to encourage Iraqi citizens to gather and watch oppressive propaganda. Film dated in February 2015. Duration 2’38’’ Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Royal College of Art, London 2015
Bleed Hole
video installation/digital work variable dimensions photographic documents 1/5 films series 2/50 2017
Es war Erde in ihnen
series of prints, plastic surface. 58x38cmx4mm Edition of 100 2019 - 2021 Exhibited: Restless image, unresolved gaze. Belgrade Cultural Centre BCC, Belgrade, Serbia 2020 Compulsió, Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona 2021
por lo que no se vive
01'26'' Valle de Alcudia Castilla La Mancha, Spain 2016 - 21
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