Es war Erde in ihnen is a series of suspended ‘traces’ that, based on a poem by Paul Celan, addresses the images of memory, those that are permanently reinterpreted.

Folded Plasma TV Screens is a series that has been formed out of various research trajectories, one of them focuses on addressing the symbolic violence that is exerted on the witnesses of a conflict. Notions such as ‘phantom subjectivity’ and the concept of operational image developed by the filmmaker Harun Farocki were key to the development of the work. The series addresses the inherent toxicity in the materials employed in the production of media devices. The work implies perpetuating the gesture of altering the usual routes of circulation of electronic waste, displacing the complicit polluting materials and their economies - granting them another destination.
Lightduress is a glass relief that fixates the image of a darkened warehouse space in Shanghái, where products are finished and wrapped. 
The video installation Mehr Fantasie raises critical questions about electronic waste and its impact on the environment. Electronic waste such as plasma screens, virtual lenses of reality have been transformed, amplified and reproduced in another physical matter, in ash. In the film the ashes are part of the body of a series of creatures.
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