By Indirections Find Directions Out seek to point out temporal and geographical juxtapositions; experiences of anachronism, moments of synchronicity. It alludes to the changes and alterations of the messages that art contains, stores and transmit to us: how they travel and transform through time.

In the context of the mountainous Echigo-Tsumari region of Japan, the work of Julia Varela Mehr Fantasie raises questions about electronic waste and its impact in the environment. Electronic waste such as plasma screens have been reduced into dust. These irrelevant devises have transformed from being virtual lenses of reality into physical matter, into ashes. The ashes are incorporated in the body of the creatures the artist portraits in the film. Her work refers to the complex relationship of humans and technology, the intermittent border that exists in the physical body and the virtual world. It alludes to nature, to evolution but also to regression, and the transferals of energy that exist in the intangibility of the virtual world, in matter and in contemporary architecture and art.

Curator Paula Lopez Zambrano
Supported by Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and Mexican Embassy of Japan
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