Funded by Ayudas a la Creación de Artes Visuales 2017 - 18 CAM, Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain. Thanks to the Area of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dept. of Inorganic, Organic and Biochemical Chemistry. Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry University of Toledo, Castilla La Mancha Spain.
Mehr Fantasie, pulverize plasma TV screens, size varies, sample detail 26 kilos.  View of the exhibition, ‘Extra-Planetary Commitment’, lítost gallery, Prague. 16 March 2019 – 28 April 2019. 

Review: COMPOST FABLES, Ana Llurba
A*DESK Instituto Independiente de Crítica y Arte Contemporáneo Barcelona 26 Abril, 2019
Through the speculative criticism, meaning, through the exploration of the questions rather than the formulation of answers, this exhibition investigates the possible archaeologies of the future pondering over their post-human borders. In this way, this proposal avoids the passive and one-dimensional self-complacency facing the most severe diagnoses and projections about the current ecological crisis. And this is how the “extra-planetary” commitment promised in its name, evokes at the same time a mirror and window, reflection and projection, distance exercise with the terrestrial. A present that dissolves in inorganic and non-biodegradable elasticity of a near future. A disturbing present that is invoked from the inaugural text of the catalogue, is rocked by the dark poetry of the prophecies of the Anthropocene:
“We are dragged by gravity, by the slowness of the invention, by the viscosity of wet concrete. While a small organic sprout died from the exposure to the moonlight, our planet, our home, is increasingly replete with toxicity.”
[…] the piece that perhaps summarizes with its questioning power of this exhibition is a rectangle of grey sand with suspiciously bright sparkles that the spectator will find as soon as he enters the Lítost gallery. Somewhat disturbing in its colour, an ashen grey warns that it is not exactly sand and all the promises of happiness that the beach landscape assures. This will only be the introduction. With the complementary video with this piece, we attend a setting in abyss. These are the ashes of the omnipresent plasma screens that, like black mirrors, become the skin of our present. An “extra-planetary” surface that at the same time, evokes the skin of an amphibious animal. Among the human, the animal and the post-human, the organic and inorganic in Mehr Fantasie by Julia Varela the toxicity that inhabits us is materialized ceasing to be just a metaphor to become a dark indication of the surface that we step on and breathe […]​​​​​​​
Groc Projects Barcelona, 2019. Link:
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